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What is Genomics?

Genomics is the study of the DNA (the basic building block of life) and how different components of the DNA interact with one another and the environment to give rise to a unique individual.

Why Genomics?

Every aspect, trait or condition of the human life is defined by two broad factors:

1. Genetics     2. Environment

Genes govern every trait for all humans to variable degree. The effect of the environment on these genes gives rise to the infinite number of variations found among fellow humans.

What is Epigenomics?

The study of changes that take place on the DNA that directs the genes to either express, over-express or suppress themselves is called epigenomics.

This provides a way to modulate the genome to create the desired results.

The physical & physiological factors such as strength, endurance, flexibility, body composition, coordination, balance, emotional resilience, reaction time, motivation & decision making ability are the hallmarks of a healthy body and mind. Genetic predisposition is a prime metric for improvement in the above aspects

Significance of Genomics in

Health & Wellness

Total Health and Wellness depends upon the health of individual body systems such as the digestive system, the respiratory system, the neuro muscular system and the endocrine system and their ability to coordinate as work as a single unit. Underlying factors such as duration of rest, proper nutrition and genetic predisposition have the largest impact affecting multiple if not all systems simultaneously

What Do We Offer?

The 6 most important parameters together accounting for digestive health, cardio vascular health, immunity, Musculo skeletal health and body composition form the basis of your wellness program

Metabolic Health

Predicts the chances of imbalance of HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels


Identifies which foods (such as milk, wheat and others) may result in long term digestive and health issues


Identifies which exercises would best help you reach your fitness goals and minimizing injury risk

Vitamin & Mineral Profile

Identifies the chances of vitamin or mineral deficiencies impacting the immune system

Weight Management

Predicts body and lifestyle parameters to understand the crux of the issue and solve for it

Response to Foods

Identifies how your body reacts to various macro nutrients to define your ideal diet type

How is it going to benefit me?

Know Your Baseline

Baseline forms the starting point for an individual. It is what we live and work with or against. Often time what we think our baseline is and what it actually is are very different and is determined by a combination of our genetics and the environment. An understanding of our baseline establishes our inherent strength and weaknesses forming the starting point from which we need to move forward.

Keep It Fresh

Variety is the spice of Life. We keep actively bringing variations to your nutrition plan to keep you going while allowing you the liberty of reward days. Afterall, what’s a lifestyle without some fun! Keep interacting with us, if there is a nutrition change you don’t like or find yourself uncomfortable with, let us know and we will make the necessary corrections to keep it light, fresh and fun for you.

Know Your Nutrition

Each of our bodies are different and have different requirements. It is important that we understand what our body needs and how it reacts to different food types. For example, is milk good for your health or does have the potential to lead to inflammation of the intestine? What vitamins and minerals are you likely to be deficient in and would require special attention. How does your body react to carbs, fats or proteins? Know the answer all these and more questions about yourself and learn how you may improve your health with optimal nutrition.

Progress Continuously

The most simple way of objectively quantifying your progress is to see how your vitals and blood parameters change over time. It is also important to monitor your progress and change your nutrition accordingly to best bridge the gap between your current and ideal health status. Upload your blood reports to us and let our system take over. We provide you with clear analytics on progress parameters and actively change your nutrition plan in line with your genome to best reflect your current reality and help you break through plateaus.

How we help?

We take into consideration each of these factors and create the most comprehensive picture of your current and future health


Blood Work

Lifestyle Analysis

Medical History

Complete Health Analysis + Actionable Lifestyle Changes
We help you perform to your optimal capacity while ensuring your long term health and well being

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